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Getting in shape on Nigerian meals just got way easier!

“Drop a dress size in 6 weeks or less!”

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Would you believe me, if I told you that you could get in shape while still eating your favourite meals? Many of us are trying to achieve a certain dress size, and feel comfortable and confident in certain clothes; but we don’t want to starve, eat foods we absolutely don’t like or break the bank! Achieving the body you want doesn’t have to be expensive or feel like punishment, and I’ll show you exactly how!

Introducing the latest edition of your ultimate guide to getting the body of your dreams on Nigerian meals; my book titled, “What Should I be Eating?” This book contains a simple step-by-step guide to helping you achieve the body you’ve always wanted while eating the meals you love. The best part? It works!

The book comes at an amazing price of just N2000 for the soft copy and N2500 for the hard copy and you gain access to our amazing private group on Facebook!


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Check out some of the superstars using my book to achieve their dream body

Check out her amazing transformation here

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The book promises you guaranteed success by following the simple steps outlined. It contains 2 FREE NIGERIAN MEAL PLANS you can start following once you get yours. You’ll also LEARN HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN MEAL PLAN AND COUNT CALORIES

Here’s another amazing success story

Check out her amazing transformation here



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Another issue some of us seem to struggle with is boredom, we are tired of eating the same things over and over. But guess what? I’ve INCLUDED LOTS OF MEAL EXAMPLES WITH PICTURES AND SPECIFIC DETAILS ON QUANTITY AND PORTIONS IN THIS BOOK, to ensure you never run out of ideas for yummy Nigerian meals. The meals not only fill you up, but they are designed to LEAVE YOU LOOKING TRIMMER AND YOUNGER!

See a photo one of our amazing readers sent us and what she had to say about the meals in the book.

“Hi dear, hope you are doing good? This is what I ate for lunch today. People are already commenting that I am looking trimmer. THE MEALS ARE SO FILLING AND YUMMY and I DON’T GET TO BINGE ON JUNK FOODS ANYMORE. Just this afternoon I posted this lunch on my IG and a friend is interested in the book and wants to buy. She was asking if THE BOOK was good, and I was telling her IT’S MORE THAN GOOD, WITH THE MEAL PLANS AND EVERYTHING. Thank you very much for this book”


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“What Should I be Eating?” has helped many Nigerians home and abroad to trim down, and gain their confidence back, and I am sure it can help you too. There is absolutely no doubt about its effectiveness, this has been proven by the numerous testominials from our amazing readers, and you can testify too by getting your own copy!

After my personal struggle with belly fat, and trying different things that didn’t work, I finally found something that did, and I’m sharing it with you in this book. This will transform your life! See what another amazing reader had to say.

So what are you waiting for? You deserve to love your body and feel confident in whatever outfit that pleases you, and this book is your answer to achieving it. Start your journey today by grabbing your copy, and I can’t wait to see your amazing transformation!


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After reading this book, you’ll learn:

  • What makes a healthy diet and how to choose healthier food options
  • How to reduce your sodium intake
  • Recommended daily alcohol consumption and how to select artificial sweeteners
  • Benefits of a healthy diet
  • How to create a healthy meal plan with Nigerian foods
  • How to count calories
  • Time to eat
  • How to interpret nutrition labels to guide your purchases of packaged products
  • Best cooking methods
  • Tips to help you stick to eating healthy
  • How to design your exercise plan
  • Common nutrition and fitness myths you’ve heard, but are not true
  • Free 1500cal and 1200cal sample meal plans, you can start using immediately

If you follow the steps in this book, the results will amaze you. I wish you an amazing journey to becoming a fitter and healthier you!



Odunayo Abdulai

IG and Facebook: @optimumfoodie

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