I signed up to lower my cholesterol levels, but I not only achieved that, I’m two dress sizes down! The support was really great, and the meals were far from boringMrs. F. Abdul

Despite being unable to do proper exercises due to my leg injuries, I have lost 12 Kg in 10 weeks and counting. I liked that the coach followed up regularly to check my progress and keep me on track. Most of all I’m excited about my new eating habits, I get filled up on smaller quantities of food than I was used to eating and I’m actually excited about my meals  – Mr. Abayomi

My sugar levels are now within range, on half my former dose of insulin! I’m now a firm believer in the saying “You are what you eat!”, I’ll also add, “You are how long you walk!”Mr Joe Agbara

I lost 12kg in less than 3 months, couldn’t believe it. I was very happy about the access to the coach to answer questions and offer help when I needed it. I highly recommend them.- Engr. Sotayo

I was alerted that my blood pressure was slightly elevated and it stayed this way for quite a while, but I refused to be started on drugs. So I was very excited when I discovered OptimumRx. My blood pressure levels have been normal for a several months now without any drugs. I have no regrets.- Mr. Ibrahim Sulaiman

My blood sugar is now lower than I can remember it being in a very long time; not only that I’m using the minimum dose of insulin. The right diet and some good exercising did me well. Thank you OptimumRx for showing and teaching me the way.Mr.  Rotimi Abdul


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